Karelian Pine

Karelian PIne stylish, eco-friendly, energy-efficient wooden houses
- Kelo, kelo pine (dead pine, dead wood)
- ecological hand-made wooden log homes


Best quality

Log is the most durable wall material for wooden houses and cabins.
Log houses made from strong Russian wood also retains its value the best.
Constructing a log house is mostly handwork done on the building site – it makes a difference who does the work.

Services for house builders

We tailor the best design, materials and construction services to meet the customer needs.
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Some history

We started work in 1998 During this time we have built over 400 structures:
country houses, baths and saunas, hotels, spa hotels,
tourist complexes, recreation centers, gazebos, garages, moorings.
Our customers live in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Ukraine and in 10 more countries of the world.
Our technology and experience make it possible to build the best wooden houses and baths from Karelian pine.


Do as for ourselves!